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Investing your tax dollars in our City services Our Finances

The City of Calgary is working hard to ensure Calgarians receive outstanding value for their property tax dollars. Investing wisely requires proper planning throughout the year to ensure the services and programs we offer meet citizen needs, align with Council direction and fit within our budget. 

2022 City Services Investments

Affordable housing investments

We’re helping to fund the planning and feasibility of 300 affordable homes for 1,200 Calgarians, constructing 125 homes this year. In addition, funding to enhance our current programs to increase our affordable housing supply and improve the housing system.

Community Safety Investment Framework

A range of non-profit and community partners investments were approved to continue to enhance the programs and services made available to Calgarians in crisis because of mental health, addiction, and other challenges.

Improved snow and ice control & Pedestrian improvements

Additional investments in snow clearing services were made to achieve a 6 Day Snow Average snow clearing response times now reduced from 24 hours to 18 hours for Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes. In addition, priority pedestrian clearing of over 1000km of pathways and sidewalks is to be completed within 24 hours.

Several public safety and programs improvements

We’re adding 56 new firefighters and 6 training officers to enhance public protection and meet the legislative requirements of AB Bill C-30, making investments in Calgary Transit to provide adequate safety and security services for customers and enhance safety at our downtown parks to name a few.

Arts and Culture support

Supporting Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA) and Arts and Culture micro-grant programs to help ensure a strong and resilient local arts community that contributes to economic resilience and offers arts and cultural opportunities for Calgarians and visitors.

Climate Strategy and Action Plans

Investments in advancing our Climate Strategy and Action Plans will move us closer to meeting The City’s targets to reduce city-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions even as our population and economy continue to grow. One of The City’s key targets in the Climate Strategy and Action Plan is to reduce city-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80 per cent below 2005 levels by 2050.

Advancing Stream B of White Goose Flying

Spiritual Healing, Culture and Arts Commemoration

We’ve invested in community spaces for Indigenous ceremonial, cultural, commemorative activities, as well as healing. We’re also advancing reconciliation through the identification, protection, and interpretation of Indigenous archaeological sites.

Local area planning and communication relations resources

Investments were made to modernize local area plans that contribute to achieving the Municipal Development Plan objectives, increase predictability and efficiency of development applications and create strong relationships with communities.

How we deliver value through City services and programs

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Financial facts

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Financial facts

Reducing City cost and supporting Calgary's economic resiliency

We worked hard to reduce expenses while providing the critical services you need. A total of $177 million in reductions have been achieved since 2019.

Learn more about how we are working to diversify, support and build Calgary’s economy to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for all Calgarians.

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