Cremation interments

The City of Calgary can help you choose the cremation option that best suits you and your family. There are many different ways  to provide your loved ones with a dignified perpetual place that family can visit, for generations to come.

Placing cremated remains in a cemetery or a mausoleum, instead of storing them at home has some advantages:

  • People heal in different ways during their grieving process and for some having a place that they can always visit is important.
  • It’s a way to show respect and honour your loved ones.
  • Allows future generations connect with their heritage.
  • Eliminates the worry about what will happen to cremated remains of your loved ones in the future.

Cremated remains may be:

  • Buried in a cremation plot in an urn
  • Buried over an existing casket burial plot, freely or in an urn
  • Placed in cremation niches within a columbarium or in an urn 
  • Scattered within one of the designated scattering gardens or over an existing family plot
  • Placed within the Queen’s Park Mausoleum, in an urn
  • Positioned in an Ossuary

Choosing a final resting place can be reflective of cultural, traditional, religious or personal preference. We offer a variety of cremation internment options and are available to assist you in making the right choice. The City does not provide cremation services, so please contact a licensed funeral home to arrange for this service.

Explore the options we offer below, then contact us to book an appointment by calling 403-221-3660 or emailing


Choosing a cremation burial plot is reflective of cultural, traditional, religious or personal preference. Cremation burial plots can be used as a single burial space or for multiple family members. At The City of Calgary cemeteries, each cremation burial plot is intended to provide space for the cremated remains of family members (up to four urns), with a single upright monument or flat marker for memorialization. 

Below is pricing of common products and services. For a full list of our pricing, visit our price list or contact our office to book an appointment.

Description Price (2023 list price)
Upright monument section $3,569.89
Flat marker section $2,549.95
Field of honour $1,274.97


A columbarium is an above-ground outdoor structure made up of individual niches specifically for the entombment of cremated remains. Each niche houses one or more urns containing cremated remains. Columbaria provide a distinct and dignified cremation interment option that blends elegantly into the natural landscape as an everlasting tribute to your loved one.

To personalize your loved one’s memory, the front of each niche can include an engraving or bronze plaque. Each columbarium is unique. For example, family statues, themes and historical depictions may be incorporated. Additionally, there is a columbarium at Queen’s Park Cemetery in the Field of Honour, commemorating those who have fought for our country.

Below is pricing of common products and services. For a full list of our pricing, visit our price list or contact our office to book an appointment.

Description Price (2023 list price)
Union Cemetery - up to two urns $5,132.49
Queen’s Park Family Columbarium - up to 2 urns $5,132.49
Queen’s Park Field of Honour columbarium - up to 2 urns $4,134.19
St Mary’s Cemetery Columbarium - up to 2 urns $4,366.29 to $5,732.07


Niches for cremated remains are available within the Queen’s Park Mausoleum, a formal, climate-controlled building with niches, above-ground crypts, gated family rooms and a chapel.

Below is pricing of common products and services. For a full list of our pricing, visit our price list or contact our office to book an appointment.

Description Price (2023 list price)
Closed front niche with up to 2 urns $3,951.43 to $8,275.29
Glass front niche with up to 2 urns $4,327.75 to $10,344.37

Scattering gardens

Increasingly, Calgarians are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. Queen’s Park Cemetery offers beautifully maintained Scattering Gardens. The natural setting provides a serene and calm resting place for loved ones. Memorial Walls located in the Scattering Gardens offer a permanent reminder of those we hold dear and are available for those who wish to place a bronze plaque.

Description Price (2023 list price)
Scattering of cremated remains $150.00


We also offer an ossuary, an underground vessel that contains the collective cremated remains of loved ones. Made of granite, the ossuary stands as a respectful tribute to those who have passed away.

Description Price (2023 list price)
Ossuary entombment $180.00


Cremation urns are decorative vessels used to hold the cremated remains of a loved one. Urns may be kept as keepsakes, placed in a mausoleum or columbarium niche, used for burial purposes or used to hold ashes until they can be scattered or buried. Urns come in a variety of shapes, colours, styles and sizes and can be customized to honour the individual they represent.

View our cremation urn options online, then book an appointment at the Queen's Park Cemetery Administration Office to choose from our entire selection.

Monuments and memorialization

City of Calgary cemeteries offers a wide selection of timeless monuments to memorialize your loved one including beautifully designed flat markers, pillow markers and upright monuments. We offer an affordable selection of bronze plaques and granite monuments in a variety of colours, shapes and designs that can be tailored to your individual needs.

View our monuments and memorialization options, then book an appointment at the Queen's Park Cemetery Administration Office to choose from our entire selection.

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