Annexation is a provincially-legislated process governed under Municipal Government Act. Lands are transferred from one municipality to another to accommodate future urban growth and development.  

Annexing land typically involves negotiations between local governments and consultation with landowners. The annexation is reviewed by the Land and Property Rights Tribunal and the Minister of Municipal Affairs for additional recommendations. The Minister of Affairs brings forward the annexation orders to Cabinet. If approved or approved in part, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta signs the order.

Learn more about the annexation process, visit the Land and Property Rights Tribunal website.

Calgary annexations

Annexation has been a primary means by which our city has grown and part of Council efforts to maintain a supply of developable land for future growth.

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While the annexation of land does not mean immediate development or urbanization, landowners do receive services not offered by rural municipalities.  

Municipal property taxes enable The City to deliver services such as Police, Fire & Emergency Response and roads, but it also helps pay for other things including parks, and recreation facilities.

User fees for services, such as water, wastewater, and waste & recycling, are provided as lands are further developed or where services can be provided logistically while remaining fiscally responsible.

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Calgary annexation board orders

Properties or parcels of land annexed into The City are protected by the annexation provisions described in the board order through which it was annexed.

Currently, there are four active annexation board orders within The City. Each annexation order may provide special assessment and taxation consideration to City lands. These orders include:

Annexation Board Order Summaries
Board Order Board order or clause expiry Previous Municipality Property assessment Tax clause Clauses that may disqualify a property from special provisions under annexation
OC 999-196125860 N/A
  • FH
  • RVC
FH, RVC RVC rates
  • Subdivision (less than 20 acres)
  • Redesignation of land use bylaw and development or building permit
OC 999-195620027 N/A RVC RVC RVC rates
  • Availability of water provided by The City of Calgary
  • Redesignation of land use bylaw and development or building permit
OC 487-1995 Dec 31, 2025 RVC RVC RVC rates expire Dec 31, 2025
  • Subdivision (less than 20 acres)
  • Redesignation of land use bylaw
  • Local improvement project
  • Connection to water or sewer service provided by The City
OC 333-2007
  • Board order expires Dec 31, 2036
  • Taxation clause expires Dec 31, 2021
RVC CGY 2007 RVC rates expire Dec 31, 2021
  • Subdivision (less than 20 acres)
  • Redesignation of land use bylaw
  • Local improvement project
  • Connection to water or sewer service provided by The City

Legend: Calgary (CGY), Foothills (FH) and Rocky View County (RVC)

Complete board orders can be found on the Land and Property Rights Tribunal website

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What can impact an Annexation order?

Board orders typically provide clauses under which properties may be disqualified from special provisions afforded by being under annexation. The clauses for disqualification vary depending on the board order but may include actions such as:

  • Re-zoning
  • Development
  • Subdivision
  • Connecting to City services (water or wastewater)

Once a property is removed from a board order, it becomes subject to The City assessment values and taxation rates.

How are annexation properties valued?

These properties are valued based on the provisions of specific annexation orders. Currently, there are four annexation orders that provide special assessment and taxation consideration to City lands.

Each annexation order may provide a 'clause' that directs a municipality to utilize a value as if the property still exists within that municipality.

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How does The City put municipal property tax dollars to good use?

Municipal property taxes are the primary way The City delivers services and programs that Calgarians need and value every day. We want you to know how these dollars are collected, calculated and used to provide City services. 

Delivering value through our City services and programs requires proper planning throughout the year. Learn more about the process, how tax dollars get invested wisely, and the steps we're taking to modernize and reduce the cost of local government.

Our Finances

How can I request or inquire about other City services not related to my property's assessment?

Please contact 311 to discuss any additional City service inquiries you might have that are not related to your property's assessment.

The City provides services and programs to annexed properties that are logistically and financially feasible. Each location is unique, and some services might be provided while others require further urban development.

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