Alert | Mandatory outdoor water restrictions in effect - critical water main break affecting city-wide usage

City-wide indoor and outdoor water restrictions are in place. A fire ban is in effect. The boil water advisory has been lifted.

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Mayor & Council plan and budget


Members of Council are elected officials responsible for setting the vision for Calgary and working with Administration to execute that vision and deliver services to Calgarians.

Audit Committee oversees the integrity of The City's annual financial statements, internal control processes, integrated risk management, the Whistleblower Program and the performance of internal and external auditors.

Integrity and Ethics Office assists Council Members in meeting ethical standards of conduct when carrying out their public functions, including acting with integrity; avoiding conflicts of interest and improper use of influence; and arranging private affairs in a way that promotes public confidence.

Our customers

  • All businesses and residents of Calgary are impacted by the decisions of Council.
  • Members of Council benefit from expertise provided by the Integrity Commissioner and Ethics Advisor.
  • Residents of Calgary, and Administration benefit from the oversight provided by the Audit Committee.

Our partners

  • Calgarians
  • Businesses
  • Civic partners
  • Community groups
  • Audit Committee partners with the City Auditor's Office, external auditors and civic partners.
  • The Integrity and Ethics Office provides advice and guidance to Members of Council on matters of conduct.

Value to Calgarians

  • serves the interests of Calgarians
  • sets directives and priorities, based on public engagement
  • carries out public functions with the highest standards of conduct
  • serves constitutents and the public conscientiously and dilligently, and with integrity
  • Audit Committee provides oversight to ensure integrity of internal annual financial statements, control processes integrated risk management and Whistle Blower Program.

What we deliver

  • Serve Calgarians
  • Provide direction that reflects the best interests of the city
  • Audit Committee supports The City's commitment to increasing accountability and transparency by reviewing reports and programs.
  • The Integrity and Ethics Office supports Members of Council in meeting the highest standards of conduct when carrying out public functions.

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Mayor & Council

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What we've heard

As elected representatives, City Council serves as the link between Calgarians and City Administration. Members of Council are engaged with constituents, businesses and communities to help direct and establish the vision and direction for The City of Calgary. 

Following the 2021 General Election, City Council drew on the conversations they had throughout the election campaign to develop Resilient Calgary: Council’s Strategic Direction 20232026 which provides the foundation, guiding principles, and focus areas for the One Calgary 2023-2026 Service Plans and Budgets. 

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What we're watching

Council and Administration is watching and listening to the ongoing conversations with Calgarians and businesses.

Our initiatives

What we plan to do

To be determined.

How we're going to get there

To be determined.

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