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Earth Day in Calgary

Earth Day is a global event held annually on April 22. More than six million Canadians will join one billion people in more than 190 countries to participate in activities to protect the environment. Earth Day is a day of civic participation and action, and the theme for 2021 is Restore our Earth.

At The City of Calgary, we are committed to environmental protection and have a number of activities for the public to partake in as well as ongoing projects aligned with the Restore our Earth theme:

  • Preparing an Environment Strategy to go to Council for approval in July 2021
  • The City is encouraging people to participate in a local cleanups! The City offers free "The Litter Cleanup Kits" (TLC Kits) to support people to tidy up a public green spaces.
  • Calgary is committed to not only protecting natural areas in Calgary but actively managing them. We recognize the beneficial scope to protecting natural areas including environmental benefits such as erosion control; economic benefits such as the reduction of the damage by floods when low lying river lands are set aside as park space; and social benefits which include recreation, relaxation and the fostering of an understanding of the importance of the natural world to our well-being.
  • The City has one of the highest allocations of greenspace of any city in North America. There are more than 693 natural areas and wetlands which make up over 50.6 percent of the park space in Calgary.
  • The City purposefully supports bringing native plants back to our city so it becomes closer to the natural landscape of the region both on public lands and on private land (see backyard naturalization).


Calgary joins Earth Day Canada’s EcoHack-a-city initiative

Municipalities are central actors in the ecological transition. However, the challenges they face are complex and deserve the contribution of all participants of society. The EcoHack-a-City initiative is an inspiring series of virtual events which aims to facilitate creating a network of change-makers that can support the ecological transition of cities.

For this first edition, Earth Day Canada is partnering with the cities of Moncton, Ottawa, Laval, North Vancouver and Calgary.

Each EcoHack-a-City event combines both:

  • A virtual panel event that invites members of the general public to learn about local environmental issues concerning municipalities from experts; and
  • An online training program designed to bring together municipalities, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to find original solutions to the environmental challenges that cities face.

Sign up for Calgary’s #EcoHackacity public panel event on Getting to Net Zero, which is part of the EcoHack-a-City Canada-wide initiative. This virtual event, open to all, will be an opportunity to learn more and ask your questions to a panel of regional experts on this topic.