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Earth Day in Calgary

Celebrating its 50 anniversary this year, Earth Day is a global event held annually on April 22. More than six million Canadians will join one billion people in more than 190 countries to participate in activities to protect the environment.

Earth Day is a day of civic participation and action, and this year’s theme is Climate Action.  At The City of Calgary, we are committed to environmental protection and are taking action on climate change. We have a number of achievements to be proud of, such as:
  • Our Climate Resilience Strategy was unanimously approved by Council in June, 2018.
  • Our Electric Vehicle Strategy aims to support faster adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Calgary. EVs represent one of the greatest opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, which accounts for one-third of all emissions in Calgary. Currently, Calgary has almost 200 EV charging stations with more planned.
  • Calgary Transit added 84 new compressed natural gas buses to its fleet in 2019 and an additional 30 are expected in 2020. Shifting to compressed natural gas fuel from diesel means significantly reduced tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • In 2019, The City made amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to make it easier for building owners and homeowners to install small-scale solar panels
  • Our emergency management agency is a model for other municipalities, coordinating emergency response and business continuity planning out of our state-of-the-art emergency operating centre.
  • We’re investing more in both cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, and we’re realizing the benefits of that commitment with increased ridership on our Cycle Tracks​ including more women and families.
  • Implementation of the Flood Resilience Plan​ has resulted in a reduction of exposure to flood risk by more than one-third.
  • LED retrofit of 80,000 streetlights, which has resulted in energy, maintenance and operating savings.
  • The City has demonstrated leadership to Calgarians and industry is through the updated Sustainable Building Policy. The updated policy implements mitigation and adaptation actions for owned and funded building projects by The City. This policy has resulted in the LEED certification of 58 projects.
  • Our Corporate Energy Plan sets out policy to reduce energy usage and improve the environmental performance of City buildings by capitalizing on wind, solar and cogeneration. The City has been using 100 per cent renewable electricity, mostly wind, to run its operations since 2012. 
We know Calgarians are concerned about climate change. The more actions we all commit to taking, the greater the impact we can have on climate change. The City of Calgary has created a resource at​ for Calgarians to learn about everyday actions we can all take to manage our energy use and take action on climate change. Collectively, Calgarians are making a difference on Earth Day and every day of the year.