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Assessment frequently asked questions


When are assessment notices mailed?

Assessment notices are mailed at the beginning of January each year to the current owner on record. They reflect the market value of a property on July 1 the previous year and the condition of the property as of December 31 of the previous year.

Why are assessment notices mailed separately from tax bills?

Assessment notices are mailed separately from tax bills to provide owners an opportunity to ensure the assessment is reasonable prior to the tax billing. Owners are encouraged to review their assessment and make any inquiries during the Customer Review Period (67 days following the mailing of the notices). Changes to an assessment will only be considered if an inquiry is made during the Customer Review Period.

Note: Changes can only be made to an assessment during the Customer Review Period; changes cannot be made to taxes.


Will my taxes increase if my property assessment increases?

An increase in your property assessment does not mean your taxes will automatically go up by the same amount. Assessment is simply a distribution mechanism. Your assessment indicates the estimated value of your property. The property tax rate, which is based on budget requirements, is what determines how much your taxes will be. The tax rate is set by City Council each year.

What if I purchase/sell a property?

Once Alberta Land Titles is informed of the ownership change, the previous owner’s access code will become invalid and they will no longer be able to access the property’s information in Assessment Search. The original owner’s myID account information will remain intact. The new owner will receive a letter including the roll number and a new access code to set up their own Assessment Search account. The new owner will need to set up a myID account if they do not currently have one.

The new owner will not receive a copy of the assessment notice for the property they have purchased, unless they contact Assessment and request one. The assessment notice will be in the previous owner's name until the next annual assessment mailing. 

Assessment Search

My business partnership/marriage has dissolved. Is it possible to receive a new access code?

If you request to reset your account and/or have a new access code generated, Assessment will generate a new access code for you. Resetting your account and/or having a new access code generated will cause the information in your account to dissolve including any associations and authorizations you have set up.

If you would like to block an individual initially given access, the person can be removed from the list of administrators without resetting the access code. After your account has been reset and/or you have been given a new access code, Assessment will mail a verification form to you that you must sign and return to the Assessment office.