The Calgary Awards

Celebrating the outstanding achievements of Calgarians.

2023 Calgary Awards nominees

Congratulations to all the 2023 nominees! Nominations were submitted by supporters of the nominees in 13 categories. Their achievements in their community, our city and beyond, make life better for all Calgarians.

2023 Calgary Awards presentation

The 2023 Calgary Awards presentation is on Wednesday, June 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Watch the livestream here to find out this year’s recipients!


In 1994, The City of Calgary established The Calgary Awards to celebrate and recognize outstanding achievements and contributions made by Calgarians. Each year, individuals, corporations, community groups, and organizations are nominated in five major award categories, for a total of 13 awards.

  • Award for Accessibility
  • Community Achievement Awards (9 awards)
  • Environmental Achievement Award
  • International Achievement Award
  • City of Calgary W.O Mitchell Book Prize

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The purpose of The City of Calgary is to make life better every day. To fully realize our purpose, we are committed to addressing racism and other forms of discrimination within our programs, policies, and services and eliminating barriers that impact the lives of Indigenous, Racialized, and other marginalized people. It is expected that participants in City of Calgary programs will behave respectfully and treat everyone with dignity and respect aiming for conversations free from bias and prejudice.