Selection process for the Calgary Awards

Step 1:

Nomination period
(early January to mid-February)

Exception: W.O. Mitchell Book Prize nomination period mid-September to beginning of December of the award year.


Step 2:

City Clerk’s Office (Protocol) conducts initial review of nomination packages to ensure eligibility criteria are met.
(late February to early March)


Step 3:

Juries review nomination packages and select recipients.


​​ ​​

Jury 1:

The Community Achievement Awards and International Achievement Award

This jury has a minimum of 7 members.

Must include:

  • City Senior Administrator with a community focus
  • Former Member of Council
  • Mayor's Office

May include:

  • A second City Senior Administrator with a community focus
  • Up to 3 previous award recipients
  • Heritage Calgary
  • Calgary Arts Development

City Clerk’s Office recruits this jury.

Jury 2:

The Environmental Achievement Award

This jury has a minimum of 5 members.

Must include:

  • City Senior Administrator with an environmental focus
  • Former Member of Council

May include:

  • Alberta Ecotrust
  • Sustainable Calgary
  • Post-secondary institution with an environmental program
  • BILD Calgary
  • Previous award recipients

Climate and Environment recruits this jury.

Jury 3:

The Award for Accessibility

This jury has a minimum of 5 members.

Must include:

  • City Senior Administrator with an Accessibility or Building Code focus

May include:

  • Advisory Committee on Accessibility
  • Deaf and Hear Alberta
  • Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta
  • Citizen - community representative
  • Vision Foundation (CNIB)
  • Previous award recipients

Community Strategies and Development, Business and Building Services recruits this jury.

Jury 4:

The City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize

This jury has 3 members.

Must include:

  • A Calgarian
  • An Albertan from outside Calgary
  • A Canadian from outside Alberta

Writer’s Guild of Alberta recruits this jury.



Step 4:

Council approves the list of selected recipients*
*Jury member list is made available as part of the Council report.


Step 5:

City Clerk’s Office (Protocol) notifies recipients, and all nominators regarding the status of their nomination.


Calgary Awards recipient announcement