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Submit a Calgary Awards nomination

Nomination process

For the City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize nomination process, see City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize.

For all other Calgary Awards, please read the following steps carefully before starting your nomination.

Step 1 - Select award category

Review the award categories and select the appropriate category for the individual, corporation, community group or organization you wish to nominate.

Ensure your nominee meets the eligibility requirements.

Step 2 - Nominee information and achievements

As part of the nomination, you will be asked to describe the nominee’s achievements.


  • Review the award criteria and prepare your responses before starting the nomination. The nomination form cannot be saved once you have started.
  • Give specific examples or details (e.g. numbers, facts, examples, anecdotes) to show how the nominee met or exceeded expectations.
  • Use simple and concise language.
  • Answer each question as fully as possible. Each answer will be evaluated and scored separately.
  • Review steps 3 and 4 below for important information on supporting attachments.
  • It is better to submit one nomination with multiple letters of reference rather than multiple nominations for one nominee without letters of reference.

A list of all nominees will be published on prior to the Calgary Awards presentation in June.

Step 3 - Nominee's consent

Nominators are required to obtain consent from their nominee to share personal information with The City of Calgary for the purposes of administering the Calgary Awards Program.

Send the appropriate consent form (PDF format) to your nominee, have them complete the blank fields, save the PDF file, and return it to you to include with the nomination package.

Individual - over the age of 18 - Calgary Awards Nominee Consent Form

Individual - 18 years of age and under - Calgary Awards Nominee Consent Form

Organization - Calgary Awards Nominee Consent Form

Missing, unclear or incomplete consent forms cannot be accepted and will deem the entire nomination package incomplete.

Nomination packages with supporting documents must be received by Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.

The Art and Heritage Awards are open to groups of individuals. If multiple individuals are nominated, each individual will be required to complete a consent form. The additional forms must be emailed to by the deadline.

Step 4 - Supporting attachments

To enhance the nomination, it is recommended that supporting attachments be included, highlighting the relevance and merit of the nominee. 

  • Each file must be under 2 MB. Combine supporting documents into a maximum of three attachments with a combined total not to exceed 14 pages.
  • The nominee’s consent is not counted in these 14 pages.
  • Self-nominations for individuals require at least one letter of reference. Not required for organizations who self-nominate.
  • Supporting materials may include letters of reference, testimonials and newspaper articles.
  • Do not include web links or URLs; print and scan or copy and paste webpage content. Jury members will NOT click on links that are included in a nomination.
  • Acceptable file types are: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and images (.jpg or .jpeg).
  • Do not use these characters when naming files / \ : * ? “ < > |.

Tip: Combine similar materials into one file. For example, combine all word documents into one document, or combine pdfs and webpages into one pdf.

Step 5 - Submit nomination

The 2024 Calgary Awards recipients will be announced on June 12, 2024.

Nominations for the 31st Annual Calgary Awards will open in January 2025.


  • For an optimal experience, use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your web browser.
  • The nomination form cannot be saved. If the web browser session remains open, it will not time out and your work will not be lost.
  • Copy and paste the “Nominee’s Achievements” section from the nomination form into a word document to compile your nomination content then copy and paste it back into the online form. This will allow you to save your work or share it with others. Do not include the word document with duplicate content.
  • The nomination form must be completed in English. Use Google Translate to assist you.

How to submit a Calgary Award nomination video

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