Eligibility requirements and selection information

Eligibility requirements

The following eligibility requirements apply to all Calgary Award categories (exceptions noted). For specific award criteria, visit the appropriate award category links.

  • Individual nominees must be residents of Calgary (permanent address in Calgary) for two years as of December 31, 2022. Exception: The International Achievement Award.
  • Groups, organizations or corporations must be Calgary-based or a local branch of a national or international organization.
  • Recipients are not eligible to receive an award within five years of having received an award for the same achievement in any category. Exception: The W.O. Mitchell Book Prize
  • Nominees may only be nominated for one award in a given year.
  • Nominees must not currently hold political office. Exception: The W.O. Mitchell Book Prize.
  • Current and former City of Calgary employees or elected officials are not eligible for a Calgary Award for their work as a City employee or elected official. Similarly, City business units and City projects are not eligible for a Calgary Award.
  • Self-nominations for individuals require at least one letter of reference. Not required for organizations who self-nominate. 
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Selection information

  • Each Calgary Award is given to an individual, group, organization or corporation depending on the criteria for that award.
  • Only one recipient is selected for an award. In some circumstances, no recipient is selected.
  • The Calgary Awards juries selects all award recipients and base their decision solely on the information provided in the nomination package.

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