Our organization

Our structure

Our structure

We are making changes to our organizational structure to build a stronger, more modern organization. These changes are driven by the desire to strengthen our citizen and business-friendly mindsets and making life better every day for 1.3 million Calgarians.

The City’s current organization structure was created over 20 years ago, but the world around us is changing and we need to as well. Your expectations of us are changing and we are changing to better serve you.

The organization realignment brings like-functions and teams together to create opportunities to be more innovative and collaborative in delivering services - making  our service delivery more streamlined, and information sharing more transparent, so your experiences with us are straightforward and seamless.

What this means for you

While our structure changes internally over the next few months, we do not expect you to notice any changes in your day-to-day interactions with us – except even better service!

While we transition, our services and your experience with us will not be impacted negatively. Ensuring service continuity for Calgarians, customers, and businesses is at the core of our transition planning.

The realignment may see changes to the names, reporting structure and a realignment of departments, business units, and divisions. These changes align our internal structure with how you (our partners, clients and citizens) experience our organization and the services you rely on.

Our structure

At the heart of the organization is the City Manager’s Office. There are six departments that report directly though the City Manager’s Office:

  • Community Services
  • Corporate Planning & Financial Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Operational Services
  • People, Innovation & Collaboration Services
  • Planning & Development Services

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City Manager's Office

We are responsible for leading and inspiring the organization, with citizens and businesses at the centre of all that we do.

Business Units: City Manager's Office/Chief of Staff, Law, City Clerk's Office

Community Services

We connect and protect diverse individuals, communities, and businesses through strategies, education, programs, services, enforcement, and emergency response - directly and through partners. We serve Calgarians and customers, from those seeking active and creative lifestyles to those experiencing vulnerabilities including imminent threat to life or property. Community Services and our partners have the expertise, networks, and relationships to see that everyone has full access to, and inclusion in Calgary.

Business Units: Community Strategies, Emergency Management and Community Safety, Recreation and Social Programs, Partnerships, Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Housing

Corporate Planning & Financial Services

We define the system through which our organization will plan, monitor and improve corporate sustainability, value and performance, and report the results to departments, Executive Leadership Team and Council.

Business Units: Assessment & Tax, Corporate Planning & Performance, Finance, Supply Management

Infrastructure Services

We design, build and optimize our municipal infrastructure investment to create inclusive, accessible, connected, resilient communities. We bring to life the vision that our Planning & Development Services colleagues develop with Calgarians. We work with Operational Services and Community Services to build the infrastructure needed for delivering safe community programs and services for all Calgarians, businesses and visitors.

Business units: Capital Priorities & Investments, Public Spaces Delivery, Utilities Delivery, Real Estate & Development Services, Business & Engineering Services

Operational Services

Operational Services is a multi-skilled department delivering the public works and services needed to run a great city. We work collaboratively to maintain our city’s valuable public infrastructure, natural spaces, ecosystems and parks, civic buildings and facilities, City vehicles and equipment and our utility corridors. We deliver high quality, safe drinking water, mobility services and transportation networks, and we manage waste, recycling, compost, wastewater and stormwater. We protect public health and our environment.

Business Units: Waste & Recycling Services, Water Services, Calgary Transit, Parks & Open Spaces, Fleet & Inventory, Mobility, Facility Management

People, Innovation & Collaboration Services

We are our very best when we empower our employees, and enable continuous modernization of our organization through innovation, strategic and collaborative relationships with others, and support of community resilience. Central to this department are our people.

Business Units: Customer Service & Communications, Information Technology, Corporate Security & Safety, Collaboration, Analytics & Innovation, Human Resources, Government Relations

Planning & Development Services

We are foundational in imagining and planning our city for the future. Our department is critical in driving policies that guide long-term planning, setting parameters for land development processes, integrating strategies and actions to grow a resilient and sustainable city and ensuring Calgary’s buildings are safe to occupy. The Realignment is an opportunity to strengthen our collaborative culture to achieve Council’s priorities and support a changing Calgary. Our structure allows us to be more adaptable while responding to the needs of our business and local economy and creates opportunities for better collaboration between our teams.

Business Units: City & Regional Planning, Downtown Strategy, Climate & Environment, Community Planning, Development, Business & Building Services


For any questions related to the realignment, please contact us at org.realignment@calgary.ca.