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Pet Ownership & Licensing

Pet Ownership & Licensing

Regulates animal-related services & ensures responsible pet ownership

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Service description

Pet Ownership & Licensing provides you education on responsible pet ownership and regulation under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. Our pet licensing and shelter services for dogs and cats help lost animals to be found and reunited with owners, or adopted into new homes.

We offer no fee spay/neuter services to qualified low-income pet owners as part of the Fair Entry program and helps reduce unwanted litters of animals. Peace officers help citizens and improve safety by handling animal complaints/concerns.

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What we heard

You’ve said you have a high level of satisfaction with us and identify safety and prevention as key values. Our animal control services for stray animals and pet licensing services are a priority for you, and most Calgarians think we should invest more, or the same amount on these services.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

Council has directed us in several priorities:
  • revising the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw based on engagement, reflecting current trends
  • a Notice of Motion including Emotional Support Animals will form a new approach to connecting citizens and animals
  • coordinated response will improve peace officer service delivery, improving resolutions for citizens' concerns and complaints
  • continued no-cost spay/neuter services as part of the Enough for All Poverty Reduction Strategy,
  • a Shelter Services Review will identify service delivery efficiencies
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