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Building & maintaining Calgary streets, & keeping you safe with reliable roads

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Streets connect our city and allow for the movement of people, goods, and services throughout Calgary. You make 3.2 million trips per day by driving or riding in a vehicle. Streets provide critical access for emergency services, the right-of-way for all underground and overhead utilities, and space for on-street parking supports businesses and residential users. 

We support nearly every other City service provided to citizens and create important links for cycling and pedestrians. We also support transportation agencies like Calgary Transit, taxis and other private operators.

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What we heard

You’ve said that infrastructure, traffic, and roads are a top priority. Traffic flow management, road maintenance and repair, transportation planning, and snow removal are all of high importance but have low satisfaction. You are willing to invest more in these areas.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

Council’s primary concern is for all transportation options to be safe and attractive choices for Calgarians. We support this direction with plans and policies like the Calgary Transportation Plan and the Safer Mobility Plan. We must balance the needs of people who drive with the needs of people who walk, cycle, and take transit. 

As technology and business models change, we will partner with third parties to facilitate and deliver improvements to transportation options, and find innovative solutions to improve safety and peak-hour traffic flow.
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