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Ask the Code - Cannabis edition - Candy Highs

Dear Code of Conduct,
I understand that edible cannabis products are legal in Canada as of October 17, 2019. If I use them on my personal time, would The City have any issues with this relevant to its Substance Use Policy?
- Candy Highs
Dear Ms. Highs,

Your question is timely. The regulations for licensed producers of edible cannabis products like cannabis beverages, extracts and topicals came into effect on October 17, 2019. According to Health Canada, products won’t appear in legal Canadian retail establishments until at least mid-December.

Cannabis use falls under The City’s Substance Use Policy regardless of whether you drink it, eat, apply it or smoke it. It is your responsibility, even when using legal substances, to ensure you remain fit for work.

Please note that because it can take longer to feel the effect of edible cannabis products, it may be easier to ingest a higher dose than intended. This may also make it harder to assess whether you are fit to work. This becomes even more important if you work in a safety-sensitive position at The City. In that case you would be required to disclose any influence of a substance to your leader.

The Government of Canada’s webpage on basic facts and what you need to know about cannabis might be of interest to you. As cannabis affects people differently, and your experience may differ each use, you may also want to have a discussion with a doctor before you try it.