Ask the Code - Cannabis edition

Looking for limits

​Dear Code of Conduct, I occasionally use cannabis and want to make sure that I am still deemed fit for work. Does The City have a set amount of time between when I’ve smoked and when I am fit report to work?

Concerned coworker

​Dear Code of Conduct, I am concerned about one of my coworkers: he smells of cannabis, his eyes are red and he is yawning all the time. He operates safety sensitive equipment. Am I obligated to do or say anything?

Office toker

​Dear Code of Conduct, I work at a desk all day and am not in a safety sensitive role, so after legalization I will be able to use cannabis during my work day (at lunch or on breaks), right?

Drug testing

​Dear Code of Conduct, Now that cannabis is legal are you going to do random drug testing?

Questioning limits

​Dear Code of Conduct, I’ve heard that there isn’t any legal impairment level for cannabis, so how can you say that I am under the influence?

Candy Highs

​Dear Code of Conduct, I understand that edible cannabis products are legal in Canada as of October 17, 2019. If I use them on my personal time, would The City have any issues with this relevant to its Substance Use Policy?

Guilty by roommate

​Dear Code of Conduct, I don’t use cannabis but my roommate smokes it a lot. What if my hair or clothing smells of cannabis when I’m at work?


​Dear Code of Conduct, I used cannabis late last night to help me sleep. Am I safe to be at work?

Medical consumer

​Dear Code of Conduct, I have been authorized by my doctor to use cannabis for medicinal reasons. I’m a bit embarrassed to talk about this. Do I need to declare this to my supervisor?