Caution | Outdoor water restrictions in effect

Stage 3 outdoor water restrictions are in effect. Learn more about how City services are impacted and what you can do during this stage.

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Ask the Code about Substance Use

If you have questions about cannabis use while at work you may want to visit our Ask the Code section, the cannabis edition.

  • Troubled by substance abuse

    ​Dear Code of Conduct, I think I have a substance use problem. I want to get help and keep myself and others safe but I don’t want to lose my job - that will make things so much worse. What can I do?

  • Leader with questions

    ​Dear Code of Conduct, I am a leader and have heard that an employee working out in the field may be under the influence of a substance and is unfit for work. What do I do? Should I have the employee drive back to the yard so I can talk with him in a private space?

  • Lunchtime drinker

    ​Dear Code of Conduct, I often have a beer at lunch when I’m out with co-workers for lunch. I never have too much but based on The City’s Substance Use Policy I wonder if I could lose my job because of this.

  • Sleepy when hungry

    ​Dear Code of Conduct, My doctor has prescribed a new medication for a medical condition I have. One of the side effects of this medication is that it makes me feel quite sleepy, especially when I haven’t eaten for a while. As a City Bus Operator, I am required to “be on my toes” and alert while driving a City vehicle in heavy traffic and interacting with citizens using the transit system. Do I need to tell my supervisor every time I’ve taken my meds?