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Ask the Code - Cannabis edition - Looking for limits

Dear Code of Conduct,
I occasionally use cannabis and want to make sure that I am still deemed fit for work. Does The City have a set amount of time between when I’ve smoked and when I am fit report to work?
- Looking for limits
Dear Looking,
Unlike alcohol, cannabis remains in your system for an extended time frame (some experts say 8 hours, some 12 hours, 24 hours or even up to 3 weeks as a long-term effect). So, it should be said that using cannabis (eating, vaping, smoking, etc.) is not the same as having a drink. 
There are several variables that impact your fitness for work including: the strain of cannabis, the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the ‘high’ or mood altering component, the length of time you have been using cannabis (e.g. occasional vs. daily), your body size and the amount you used.
Given the number of variables The City has not set out a fixed amount of time to abstain from use before a shift. It is up to you to know and educate yourself so you can arrive at your job ‘fit for work.’
The Government of Canada has put out a site that has videos and questions from experts on cannabis use and limits that you might find helpful. Visit Cannabis in Canada