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Ward 6 - Richard Pootmans

December 2023 Newsletter: Ward 6 Year in Review

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christmas 2023


Hello Ward 6!

Merry Christmas! Wishing you one filled with happiness and the laughter of those who matter most to you. I always look forward to the new year, as it brings hope and a renewed perspective on this great City we live in. I hope that 2024 is a year full of prosperity, health and much joy for you and yours.

Looking back on 2023, the Ward 6 office staff are glad to be your advocates, working with both your community and the City of Calgary Administration. Some of the things that our offices were asked to advocate for this past year were increased public safety, more traffic safety measures, removal of extraneous roadway signage, better traffic control at intersections, dead tree removal on boulevards, and much more. I am happy to report that this year’s budget which we approved assists in funding all of the concerns we have heard.

One of Council’s priorities this year is affordable housing for Calgarians. I am happy to support the Calgary Housing Strategy as I feel this comprehensive plan is crucial for addressing housing related challenges in our City and improving the quality of life for residents. I am looking forward to continuing this important work into 2024.

In October, I was selected to sit on ten Council committees. I will continue my work on the Audit Committee to ensure effective governance and compliance at the City. I am also excited to go back to my roots and join the Calgary Economic Development (CED) board. In the past, I helped CED to implement various investment initiatives and business retention strategies.  I look forward to once again helping attract businesses and showcasing that Calgary is a livable, welcoming, and prosperous city that any company will thrive in.

In this edition of the newsletter, you will see all the changes and improvements that have been implemented in Ward 6 this year and what is planned for 2024, with input from multiple departments. My staff and I look forward to continuing our work with Ward 6 residents to build communities we can be proud to live in.






I would like to thank residents for bringing their concerns to make our community a better place to live in to the attention of the Ward 6 office. I would also like to extend a big thank you to all our City colleagues who worked with the Ward 6 office on these concerns. The hard work that goes into planning, strategizing, and implementing requests into the best possible solutions has not gone unnoticed.



MOBILITY: Ward 6 Year in Review


Project Type



Scope Description


7652 26 Ave SW (Griffith Woods School)

In design, Planned

for 2024


permanent curb extensions/potential 2024 construction



875 Strathcona Dr SW (Olympic Heights School)

Reviewed; Planned

for 2024

ASRS/No physical changes required. Signage updates by TCP



7970/7951 Wentworth Dr SW (St. Joan of Arc School)

In design; Planned

for 2024


permanent curb extensions/RRFB and TC curbs at another intersection



62 Wentworth ave SW (West Springs School)


Planned for 2024

Streetlight Improvements


50 Grafton Dr SW

In design; Planned

for 2024


Permanent curb extensions in front of the school


Spruce Dr & 8 Ave SW


Planned for 2024

Streetlight Improvements


45 St & Windermere Rd SW



Traffic calming curbs


Aspen Summit Dr & Aspen Summit BV SW



Traffic calming curbs


17 Ave & Gateway Dr SW

Design Complete; Planned for 2024

Roadside barrier/Installation planned next week



9 Ave & 85th St



Eastbound and westbound left-turn lanes



Strathcona Dr & Strathcona Hill SW



Traffic calming curbs


Sierra Morena BV & Sierra Navada Wy SW

 In design; Planned

 for 2024

Traffic calming curbs





14 Ave & 73 St SW

In design; Planned for 2024

Median island using traffic calming curbs



Aspen Summit Dr & Aspen Glen Way SW


 In design; Planned for 2024

Traffic calming curbs

Street Lighting


Contact currently being awarded; construction to commence in 2024

Street lighting asset lifecycle replacement program to replace aging streetlighting infrastructure within the Glendale Community


Traffic Signals

Richmond Rd & Stewart Green SW (West Intersection)



Accessible pedestrian signal (audible)

Traffic Signals

Richmond Rd & Stewart Green SW (East Intersection)



Accessible pedestrian signal (audible)

Traffic Signals

Richmond Rd & Westhills Wy SW



Accessible pedestrian signal (audible)

Traffic Signals

17 Ave & Costello BV/Sirocco Dr SW



Accessible pedestrian signal (audible)

Traffic Signals

Sirocco Dr & Signal Hill Heights SW



Pedestrian crossing; rectangular rapid flashing beacon

Traffic Signals

17 Ave & 93 St/Cortina Dr SW



Traffic Signal

Traffic Signals

14 Ave & Strathcona BV/69th St SW


 Planned for 2024

Traffic Signal

Traffic Signals

Old Banff Coach Rd 

 Planned for 2024 Q1

Traffic Signal

Traffic Signals

NA’A Dr& Medicine Hills Town Centre SW


 In Progress

Traffic Signal

Pathway Lifecycle

1648 5 Ave SW

Planned for 2024

Project Scope of adjacent sites impacted lifecycle progress, planned for 2024 season


Trail Maintenance

150 Wildwood Dr SW

Deferred to 2024/2025

Repairs to Douglas Fir Trail, including grading of trail surface. Trail undergoing geotechnical investigation, part of DFT4 project, trail currently closed



TRANSIT: Ward 6 Year in Review

There were two significant changes to note for Ward 6 in 2023:

  1. On Demand transit service in the Springbank Hill communities was replaced with fixed-route service, including three new routes:

a. Route 51 – West Springs is a new fixed route replacing Route 453 – West Springs. Customers can now travel from West Springs to Discovery Ridge without the need to transfer at 69 Street Station.

b. Route 94 – Strathcona/Signal Hill is a new fixed route replacing On Demand service in Strathcona Park and Signal Hill.

c. Route 164 – Aspen Summit/Richmond Terminal is a new fixed route replacing On Demand service, connecting Aspen Summit with Signal Hill and Richmond Terminal.

2. A number of bus stop locations changed along 17 Avenue SW to provide a faster, more reliable service, while maintaining convenient access.

As we look ahead to 2024, we’re planning service improvements to increase frequency and service span on high ridership routes and corridors, base service, and local routes.


PARKS AND OPEN SPACES: Ward 6 Year in Review

Parks and Open Spaces conducted the following projects in the communities of Ward 6 this past year:


  • The communities of Christie Park and Strathcona each had a playground replaced.
  • Every playground is inspected seven times per year.
  • Assorted bench replacements and repairs.
  • Assorted fencing repairs.

Natural Areas

  • Habitat Restorations were completed in select natural areas in the communities of Coach Hill and West Springs, including adding native trees, shrubs, and a native seed mix to better naturalize the areas. 
  • Weed control of Canada thistle and other invasive weeds was undertaken at many of the parks in Ward 6. 
  • Parks ambassadors provided natural area education at Coach Hill, West Springs, Wildwood, and Cougar Ridge.
  • Urban Forestry planted native tree and shrub seedlings in several natural areas including Edworthy Park, Aspen Woods, and Discovery Ridge. 
  • Trail closures/restoration was undertaken on undesignated trails leading to the park/Tsuut’ina boundary in Griffith Woods Park to prevent trespassing onto Nation Lands. 

Parks Operations

Shrub Bed Maintenance

  • Weeding/Pruning/Herbicide treatment at over 50 sites throughout Ward 6 communities.
  • Sites are determined seasonally through a combination of a) an established work plan that prioritizes high-visibility, high traffic parks and b) high priority service request generated thru 311 calls.
  • All these shrub bed sites had their Asset Condition Ratings upgraded from “Poor/Fair” to “Good” in 2023.

Natural Area Thistle Control

  • In collaboration with P & OS’s Integrated Pest Management work unit, Zone 8 Operations identified critical massing of thistle and other noxious weeds in Ward 6 natural areas.   
  • Crews were employed (during a time sensitive window mid-June when thistle seed heads are just about to bud) to cut back thistle in preparation for a follow up herbicide treatment by IPM.
  • This early identification, mapping, and cut back followed by herbicide should considerably mitigate thistle growth in these areas into 2024.

Military Sites

  • Increased maintenance and event facilitation at (Petronas) Poppy Plaza and Battalion Park in Signal Hill.
  • Zone 8 regularly scheduled flower bed maintenance at labor-intensive Petronas poppy site in Signal Hill.
  • Also, provided display planters and event assistance for November 11 Remembrance Day ceremony at Battalion Park.

Community Assists.

  • Provided compost/ mulch for community garden in West Springs.
  • Facilitated adopt-a- rink sites in Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill, and Christie, and placed firepits at adopt-a-rink sites throughout Ward 6.
  • Park cleanups conducted prior to all scheduled Neighbour Day and Park n’ Play events in Ward 6.

Regional Hotspots

  • Crews regularly patrolled Griffith Woods Natural Area Park for litter and vandalism, an increased presence from Parks workers in response to the increased usage and distinct user groups at this site.


Urban Forestry

  • Total Pruned – 1,065
  • Total Removed – 339
  • Trees planted by City Staff – 468
  • Trees inventoried – 11,194.


Adopt A Rink

  • Supported 7 Adopt A Rinks.
  • Re-bermed one Adopt A Rink.


Parks Water Management

  • Supplied hoses and equipment for assorted Adopt A Rinks.
  • Provided water access for assorted community gardens.



Program Highlights

6,642 participant visits occurred at the following programs offered in Ward 6 communities in 2023:

  • LEAD
    • Glenbrook
    • Spruce Cliff


2023 Program Testimonials:

Stay n’ Play provides recreation opportunities for single-income families

While attending the Glenbrook Stay n’ Play program, a father was filled with emotion when he mentioned that he is a single dad who didn’t have the financial means to register his child in most kids’ programs. He said it was very important to provide his child with socialization opportunities and he talked about how Stay n’ Play was unlike other programs because he got to participate and help his child interact with other kids. His son attended day after day because he increasingly got more and more excited to see his new friends. Before the end of the program, one participant invited the other to his birthday party after the summer. The father proudly exclaimed, “I love how my child is starting to connect with other children!”


Wildflower Arts Centre: Create Together – Clay (for ages 3-5 + parent)

"This was our first time doing a clay class. The instructor picked the perfect projects and we got to learn so many new and different skills".

wildflower child day
Wildflower Arts Centre celebrates National Child Day (November 20th, 2023)


Mobile Skate & Scoot

It was awesome!”, a participant exclaimed after dropping-in to the mini-ramp for the first time.


What to look forward to in 2024

  • Calgary AfterSchool returns to Optimist Arena:
    • Starting January 8th, 2024
    • Drop-in Monday – Friday from 3:15 – 6:15 p.m.
    • For ages 11 – 15 years
    • Program description: a variety of activities are offered including skating lessons, martial arts and American Sign Language.
    • Visit for more information


2023 Recreation Service Delivery Highlights

  • This spring, we reopened Acadia Aquatic & Fitness Centre resulting in all City-operated recreation facilities opening for the first time since COVID-19 impacted our operations.
  • Following the closure of amenities at Southland and Village Square Leisure Centres for annual preventative maintenance and cleaning this fall, the Leisure Centres have reopened and now offer public swimming seven days per week, an increase of three days per week compared to the spring.
  • Recreation & Social Programs continues to hire staff and increase service levels so they are more aligned with the expectations of Calgarians. For Calgarians interested in working as a Lifeguard or Swim Instructor with The City of Calgary, please visit


Tips on registering for programs, classes and lessons with The City of Calgary

  • Get ready: ensure your account info is up to date

To ensure that your Live and Play account is ready on registration day, take a moment to log in and verify that your information is up to date.

If you have any issues accessing your account, email

  • Plan to be online between 5:30 - 5:59 a.m. on registration day

We continue to use a virtual waiting room to help your online experience on registration days.

Customers who arrive on our website between 5:30 a.m. and 5:59 a.m. on each registration day will be put into a virtual waiting room. At 6 a.m. all customers in the waiting room will be randomly placed in line to await their turn to access the website.

There is no advantage to arriving on our website before 5:30 a.m.

Anyone who visits the website after 6 a.m. will be placed in order of arrival after those who were in the virtual waiting room.

  • Have your preferred Course IDs ready

Seasonal schedules are posted in the days leading up to registration so you can learn what's available. Plan your family’s schedule ahead of time, write down your preferred Course IDs and be ready when registration opens. Find the schedules at

  • Never miss a registration date

Sign up to receive emails when registration dates are announced, get info on programs and services that interest you or help us conduct research.



In 2023, amendments to the Waste Bylaw were made to allow The City to temporarily designate specific areas of the City as “wildlife affected” areas in response to situations when public safety is at risk. This fall, due to reports of concerning bear activity in the Ward 6 community, Discovery Ridge was temporarily designated a “wildlife affected” area. Thank you to the residents of Discovery Ridge for your cooperation in following the changes required for your waste storage and collection. By following these protocols, we can significantly reduce human and wildlife interactions.

Looking forward to 2024, you can expect to see The City continue encouraging Calgarians to choose reusable items and say no to unnecessary single-use items. Calgary’s Single-Use Item Bylaw will come into effect on January 16 and work to address the staggering amount of waste created by convenience items such as shopping bags, straws, utensils, napkins and disposable cups. Choosing reusables over single-use is key to reducing impacts on our natural environment. To learn more, please visit

Again in 2024, The City of Calgary will offer complimentary compost for residents to use in their yards and gardens this spring. The compost is made from the food and yard waste collected in the Green Cart program. You can expect to see communication on dates and locations, how to book appointments, and how to prepare for your appointment this Spring. For more information, you can visit  



The City of Calgary’s Emergency Management and Community Safety (EMCS) team is focused on making our communities safer and more enjoyable to live in. In 2024, they will be launching a few new incentives with that goal in mind.

Transit safety improvements

In November, the Public Transit Safety Strategy was approved by Council which will see a number of safety-related changes in the coming months. These include:

  • An increased number of Transit Public Safety Officers. This will provide increased visibility of uniformed officers across the Transit system, 24-hours a day. 
  • A new deployment model that will improve response times to calls for service.     
  • Expanded Community Outreach Team (COT), which will work to connect Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities with supportive services.

You can view the Transit Safety Snapshot for 2023 here


More resources to deal with problem properties

In 2024, the Community Standards Coordinated Safety Response Team (CSRT) will be expanded to proactively address more abandoned, derelict buildings and unsafe rental properties. The program will also be expanded to address problematic residential businesses, infill construction and hoarding properties.  This program increases safety in communities, reduces overall call volumes for agencies, and helps communities revitalize by creating new opportunities for growth and development.


New Community Safety Traffic Program

The Community Safety Traffic Program will enable a team of City of Calgary Peace Officers to collaborate with The Calgary Police Service on addressing noisy vehicle concerns and residential traffic enforcement.  This program will also bring focus to other vehicle-related bylaw violations such as unsecured loads, tracking mud onto streets from commercial sites, and addressing overweight vehicles driving on roads with load bans.



As 2023 comes to a close, we would like to thank Ward 6 for working with us to ensure our area of Calgary remains a safe place to work and live.

As we look toward 2024, community safety remains our paramount focus. We will continue to address the ongoing car prowling and break and enters we are seeing in some of our communities, and we will continue working with Calgary Transit to ensure public safety both on the systems themselves and the areas around the platforms.

We value our partnership with our Tsuu’tina Nation partners, and will work to continue strengthening our relationships as neighbours and partners in keeping areas of concern along our shared border safe.

Thank you to our community partners, business owners, and community members who make Ward 6 a great place for the Calgary Police Service to serve each day.


Cst Art Szabo


Cst. Max Lavictoire Community Resource Office for 2-3


To view Ward 6 statistics, click here: Ward 6 Community Crime & Disorder Statistics 2023

Additional possible resources public facing website:






Residential Parking Permit Program

User fees for residential parking permits go into effect on Monday, December 4, 2023. Calgarians will be required to start paying the new user fees upon permit renewal or when a new permit is issued. Existing permits have been automatically extended until February 5, 2024. As a result, current permit holders will have a 60-day window, starting from the day the fees become effective, to either renew their existing permits or apply for new ones.

Calgarians can still request parking restrictions on their street be modified. You can submit a request through 311 or fill out an online service request. A parking study will be conducted to assess the request.

Fast facts:

  • Of all the reviews to modify parking restrictions we completed as of November 2023, 98 per cent resulted in parking restrictions being changed to a lower restriction.
  • Calgary homes have an average of 3.3 parking spaces each and only two per cent of households in Calgary use the RPP Program.
  • Managing parking effectively is vital to how people move around the city and the revenue generated from parking plays a significant role in contributing to the vibrancy of Calgary.

For more information:

  • Visit
  • Email
  • Call 403.537.7000


Celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks!

On New Year’s Eve, Calgarians are invited to ring in 2024 with a midnight fireworks show launched from Prince’s Island Park. The spectacular display will be synchronized to music on CJSW 90.9 FM, highlighting the talents of Canadian artists.

Watch the fireworks from any location with a view of Prince’s Island Park or from home via livestream at

Ward 6 Office Contact
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Booking Meetings

Lori Gardner, Executive Assistant


Community Concerns

Ralph Smith, Community Assistant   



Suzy Trottier, Communications & Community Liaison


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