Street light resources for developers and consultants

There are a number of policy and specification manuals that are important to street light developers, consultants and contractors who perform work for The City of Calgary.

Technical and design specifications

Standard specifications for street lighting construction

Street light bids

The City of Calgary changed to electronic bidding. All new solicitations will be posted on Ariba (The City of Calgary's Ariba discovery page). The City invites any interested bidder who can fulfill the bid requirements to respond to advertised opportunities. See information on responding to bid opportunities.

Wireless infrastructure on street light poles


The City of Calgary’s CAD Standard replaces APPENDIX B: STREET LIGHTING DRAFTING STANDARDS from the 2016 Design guidelines for street lighting

Blocks, line styles, layers and The City’s coordinate system can be found within the Civil Template.  Example title blocks and other general information can be found in the General Template. Both templates are available for download at the same link listed above.

Please review the website for updates at the start of every year.

After reviewing the information at the link above, if you have any drafting related questions, please email IIS AIM Traffic street lighting

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