Ask the Code - Sleepy when hungry

Dear Code of Conduct,
My doctor has prescribed a new medication for a medical condition I have. One of the side effects of this medication is that it makes me feel quite sleepy, especially when I haven’t eaten for a while.
As a City Bus Operator, I am required to “be on my toes” and alert while driving a City vehicle in heavy traffic and interacting with citizens using the transit system. Do I need to tell my supervisor every time I’ve taken my meds?
– Sleepy when hungry
Dear Sleepy,
I’m glad you asked – sometimes people think our Substance Use Policy only applies to illicit or illegal drugs but it can be any substance that affects your performance or ability to be safe.
For your protection, and to protect the safety of citizens, City employees must:
  • Arrive in a condition fit for work.
  • Remain fit for work at all times while on City business.
Inform your supervisor if you know your medication might impair your ability to drive your bus safely and effectively. If you are unsure whether you are fit for work, talk to your supervisor as soon as you can. They will likely contact a Corporate Health Consultant for guidance. If it’s believed to be unsafe for you to work, your supervisor will see if he or she can temporarily accommodate you so you can still work.
In both safety-sensitive and non-safety-sensitive roles, employees who take prescription or over-the-counter medication must advise their leader of any potential side effects that could impact their ability to work safely. You do not need to disclose the actual medication(s) you are taking or why you are taking them.