Queen's Park Cemetery was established in 1940 and is located in Calgary’s northwest. The cemetery contains scattering gardens for cremated remains and Calgary's only indoor climate-controlled mausoleum.

Visitor information

Address: 3219 4 St. N.W.

Hours: Grounds are open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Mausoleum hours: Open daily from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily. 

Map: Queen's Park Cemetery Map

For administration office information visit our contact page.

Cemetery features

Space availability: Cremation burial plots, columbaria and mausoleum spaces are available at Queen’s Park Cemetery. Please call 403-221-3660 for availability. If you are seeking in-ground burial plots, please contact the City’s Prairie Sky Cemetery.

Features and special areas:

  • In-ground cremation burial plots
  • Pagoda with offering oven feature
  • Scattering garden
  • Memorial walls
  • Columbaria for cremated remains
  • Ossuary
  • Field of Honour
  • Outdoor crypts
  • Outdoor family columbaria for cremated remains
  • Cultural and religious areas with dedicated features
  • Mausoleum (see below)
  • Central location

Physical area: 55 hectares

Number of burials: Over 65,000

Burial plot: A traditional burial plot can accommodate two caskets and up to ten urns with cremated remains.

Cremation plot: Similar to a burial plot, but smaller, allows clients to inter up to four urns with cremated remains.

Photo: From Queen’s Park Cemetery

Columbarium: An outdoors structure that hold urns with cremated remains in individual niches. Some niches can hold multiple urns from other family members.

The deceased’s name and dates of birth and death can be inscribed on the niche door.

Photo: From Queen’s Park Cemetery

Ossuary: A communal chamber below ground where cremated remains from loved ones are placed.

Our ossuary service offers the possibility to add a plaque with a name and a short epitaph in a communal memorial wall located nearby.

Photo: From Queen’s Park Cemetery

Scattering Garden: A communal garden, within the cemetery’s premises, where ashes from loved ones can be scattered.

Our scattering garden service offers the possibility to add a plaque with a name and a short epitaph in a communal memorial wall located nearby.

Photo: From Queen’s Park Cemetery

Mausoleum features

Space availability: New burial, cremation and mausoleum spaces are available at Queen’s Park Cemetery. Please call 403-221-3660 for availability. 

The only indoor Mausoleum offers families elegant and timeless options for the interment and memorialization of those who rest within. The peaceful, tranquil atmosphere is inspired by the natural beauty of our surroundings such as water, mountains and light.

Features and special areas:

  • Climate-controlled
  • Cremation niches for urns with glass doors
  • Above-ground crypts
  • Gated family rooms
  • Central location
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It’s common for people to make end-of-life arrangements prior to their passing, including pre-purchase plots, crypt spaces or cremation urns.

Advantages of pre-planning

  • Pre-planning is an act of love because it means your friends and family will not need to make last-minute decisions at an already stressful and emotional time.
  • It also relieves your friends and family of the financial burden of paying for your final arrangements.
  • Your family will know exactly what to do, ensuring that the funeral services are provided according to your wishes, preferences and beliefs.
  • Like most other products, cemetery plots, niches and crypts increase in price over time, so pre-purchasing can help you save money in the future.
  • If you change your mind after pre-purchasing, and decide to rest in a different cemetery or go through a different funeral process, you can always sell your plot, niche or crypt.

For more information, call 403-221-3660 Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The Queen's Park Cemetery only dates back to 1940, so its history is relatively recent for a cemetery. Originally, the cemetery offered sections for graves with upright monuments only. Nearly a century later, the cemetery offers sections for flat markers (flat stones set flush to the ground) to lessen upkeep costs, as well as a variety of columbaria, which act as a final resting place for cremated remains. The Field of Honour is also located at Queen’s Park Cemetery and includes many of Calgary’s veterans of the First World War, the Second World War and the Korean War and more recent conflicts.

The now-mature Queen's Park Cemetery is a favourite spot for walkers, runners and nature lovers from North Hill and neighbouring communities.

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For more information email calgarycemeteries@calgary.ca or call 403-221-3660. Queen's Park Cemetery administration building office hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Prairie Sky Cemetery administration building office hours are by appointment only.