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Business and local economy

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Calgary's ComebackBusiness and Local Economy

Reducing barriers, time and cost to enable your business success and make Calgary Canada's most business friendly city.​​


Business and Local Economy


<div class="ExternalClass44557EA5BA7F4DB4A0F7D64246C878D8"><p>Visit <a href="/PDA/pd/Pages/myBusiness/my-business.aspx" target="_blank">myBusiness</a> to learn how to:</p> <ul> <li><a href="/PDA/pd/Pages/myBusiness/Understanding-Business-Licence-Requirements.aspx">Start and open a business​</a></li> <li>Set up a business in the city centre</li> <li>Find your land use district</li> <li>Identify the permits your business needs</li> <li>Prepare your business for an emergency</li> </ul> ​</div>









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Start and maintain your business

Visit myBusiness to learn how to:

  • Start and open a business​
  • Set up a business in the city centre
  • Find your land use district
  • Identify the permits your business needs
  • Prepare your business for an emergency
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We can help

Working together to make Calgary more business friendly

  • Council's Business Advisory Committee​ is getting to the heart of issues to improve Calgary’s business environment.
  • Our Living Labs can help your business research and test new ideas.
  • We’re making improvements to better support you.
  • We're encouraging Calgarians to Buy Local to support our local businesses and economy.
  • We conduct ongoing research with businesses to better understand the outlook and viewpoint of the business community. If you are a business owner, leader or manager, join our online business research panel, Business Perspectives, to share your ideas. Contact to join.​​​​