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Development Approvals plan and budget


Development Approvals works with Calgarians, communities and customers to enable building a great city through developing land in Calgary. As a regulatory authority, Development Approvals supports customers with advisory services to help them through all regulatory requirements for land development projects, while balancing customer, citizen, and community needs.

Our customers

  • homeowners
  • business owners
  • land developers and supporting professionals
  • builders
  • contractors

Our partners

  • Federal and Provincial departments
  • community associations
  • school boards
  • utility companies
  • advocacy and industry groups

Value to Calgarians

  • attracts growth
  • supports businesses
  • contributes to vibrant neighbourhoods

What we deliver

  • land use amendments and outline plan recommendations
  • subdivision endorsements
  • development permit approvals
  • executed development agreements
  • infrastructure construction permissions

Budget breakdown

service plan budget


Operating ($millions)
Capital ($millions)
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service plan budget
Service line Breakdown
Development Approvals

Get a complete breakdown of how your property tax dollars are used.

Measuring performance

We are measuring our performance in five areas. Each value is the goal we expect to reach by 2026. 

Significant development proposals that are approved with a better-than-satisfactory urban design rating

Civil engineering designs approved with one or no revisions

Technical development application where decision timelines were met

Multidisciplinary development applications where decision timeline commitments were met

Average customer satisfaction from post-application surveys

View our yearly performance progress.

What we've heard

Customer and industry stakeholder feedback identified the desire for online submission portals and a streamlined application process. Customers want increased transparency and predictability through improved customer service and communication. Providing new and relevant tools and features will improve the quality of submissions.

The service engages Calgarians in a meaningful way in order to balance development opportunities and associated economic impacts with community priorities and preferences. The City ensures rules and standards for development approvals are applied in a consistent, fair and transparent manner that result in quality and safe developments for customers and Calgarians.

From the perspective of Calgarians, Fairness and Quality are key service value dimensions, while Responsiveness, Convenience, and Legislative Compliance are considered slightly less important.

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What we're watching

As Calgary's population continues to grow, the demand for housing, employment, and amenities keeps pace.  

  • Development Approvals monitors the projected application volumes to meet the needs of customers and respond to these market demands. 
  • Development Approvals has expanded self-serve options and will continue prioritizing enhancements of online services for customers.

Our initiatives

What we plan to do

Focus on delivering quality planning outcomes supported by innovative engineering solutions.

How we're going to get there

  • Support the realization of development in Calgary, enhance the consistency of application reviews, and encourage greater certainty and predictability for customers by increasing the responsiveness and timely review of development applications. Continuous improvement towards a streamlined applications process, including better ways to track and measure effort along the approvals continuum, and improvements and updates to systems and tools.
  • Support quality service delivery by ensuring we have the right resources at the right time to support the changing customer demands and market conditions. This can be accomplished through resource management, volume forecasting and proactive data analysis.
  • Improve the experience and interaction of customers and Calgarians with the applications process through enhanced online service delivery that leverages technology to modernize, consolidate and streamline the products offered. This includes products on ApplyCentral, transitioning to digital advertisement, and building a “mobile friendly” development map.

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