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Land Development & Sales plan and budget


Our core service develops and sells industrial land to attract business investment and promote economic diversification and growth for Calgary.

Responding to a range of complex corporate land needs, Land Development & Sales also offers planning expertise to lead and identify strategic redevelopment opportunities.

Optimizing the value and maximizing the financial return on City-owned land under our stewardship, we offer The Corporation a long-term source of reoccurring property tax revenue.

Our customers

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Large corporations.
  • Building developers.

Our partners

  • Law
  • Finance

Value to Calgarians

  • support economic growth
  • land sale at competitive prices
  • post-transaction support
  • land sales increase business diversification, job creation and expansion of tax base

What we deliver

  • Serviced land available for sale.
  • Execute land sales transactions.
  • Install service connections and driveways.
  • Develop advisory services.

Budget breakdown

service plan budget


Operating ($millions)
Capital ($millions)
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service plan budget
Service line Breakdown
Land Development & Sales

Get a complete breakdown of how your property tax dollars are used.

Measuring performance

We are measuring our performance in five areas. Each value is the goal we expect to reach by 2026. 

Industrial land sales

Increase in assessed value from land improvements

# of permanent jobs created

Private capital investment

Serviced industrial land available for sale

View our yearly performance progress.

What we've heard

The latest Service Value Dimensions Survey results reaffirm customers' and Calgarians' expectations for our developed land to be competitively priced and to support business needs with suitable land features such as location, parcel size and land use. 

Another significant priority, identified by 35 per cent of respondents, was our approach for a balanced land portfolio to continue building financial resiliency against market volatility. With the various economic shocks experienced over the last two years, it is not surprising Calgarians have placed a higher priority for our role in shaping a diversified land base and local economic growth.

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What we're watching

  • Continuing demand for warehousing and distribution facilities to support the growth in e-commerce. Ensuring we offer larger parcels to support these building types is essential.
  • Shortening the supply chain to ensure faster delivery times and avoid supply disruptions may result in manufacturers relocating their production from abroad.
  • Regional competition from nearby municipalities due to differences in property tax rate and development levies.
  • Emerging industries such as heavy industrial who are forecasted to generate high rates of employment.
  • Monitoring greater land development and policy requirements.
  • Impact of general economic conditions on development costs and land pricing.
  • City's capital funding of critical regional infrastructure in southeast industrial Calgary.

Our initiatives

What we plan to do

Our focus is developing and selling the land we steward to help generate economic growth in the city, through business diversification and expansion of the non-residential tax base.

How we're going to get there

  • Enable businesses to start, grow and invest in our city and support Calgary's economic resilience. We will accomplish this through the development and sale of serviced land opportunities located in Great Plains Starfield Phase 1.
  • Promote economic diversification and growth for Calgary by supporting new business investment through the sale of serviced industrial land in Point Trotter Industrial Park Phase 1.
  • Attract new business investment and promote economic diversification and growth for Calgary through the sale of serviced industrial land in East Lake Industrial Park.
  • Improve the quality of life for Calgarians by offering more housing and commercial options through the sale of lands in Aurora.
  • Create great places to live, work and play for Calgarians through the redevelopment and sale of lands from our Midfield Heights urban village site.

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