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Customer Review Period

Customer Review Period

Your opportunity to review, evaluate and talk to us about your property value


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Assessment Search

Access and review your assessment information, sign up for eNotices and more

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Property tax calculator

Estimate your taxes based on your assessment value

Property tax calculator

The City of Calgary Assessment annually prepares property assessments within Calgary for the purpose of taxation. Through fair and equitable assessments, the resulting property taxes support the essential City services provided to Calgarians.

To ensure all Calgary property owners pay their fair share of municipal taxes, The City conducts assessments each year that reflect the market value for property as of July 1 of the previous year, as provisioned by the Municipal Government Act​.

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ListCategory: Property assessment

Title: Residential property assessment

Description: <div class="ExternalClass552178E4418D444EB180D77A12371907"><p>​​Information on how we assess single residential, multi-residential, condominium and manufactured homes.</p></div>

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Residential property assessment

​​Information on how we assess single residential, multi-residential, condominium and manufactured homes.

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Non-residential property assessment

​Information on how we assess non-residential properties such as retail, office, industrial, and recreational.

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About Assessment Search

First time user of Assessment Search? Learn more about how the Assessment Search portal works.

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Phased Tax Program (PTP)

Learn more about the Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program (PTP).

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Forms & publications

​How-to guides, market reports, information request forms and more.

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How property taxes are calculated

​Before your property tax bill is created and mailed, a City budget is set by Council, all properties in Calgary are assessed and a tax rate is set.

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Frequently asked questions

​Frequently asked questions on property assessment.

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Contact Assessment

If you have questions or concerns, contact us.

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