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Water Treatment and Supply

Water Treatment & Supply

Treatment & delivery of clean drinking water and sustainability management

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Water Treatment and Supply ensures access to drinking water now and for generations of Calgarians to come. We treat and deliver drinking water to you, ensuring reliability and availability.

We protect public health and ensure long-term sustainability of our water resources. Plants, pipes, pumps and people work 24/7, 365 days a year to protect public health by providing clean drinking water for over one million Calgarians and the region.​

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What we heard

You’ve said you value public health, availability, sustainability and cost. Almost all Calgarians are satisfied with the quality of water and many agree you pay a fair price. You believe that everyone should pay for the water they use. Commercial customers have expressed a need for cost efficiency. Understanding water use, water meters and monthly service charges are important to you.

Most inquiries are about water service interruptions (main breaks or otherwise). You actively participate in water efficiency and most of you care about The City's commitment to protecting river areas.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

Climate change is altering how and when we receive precipitation in Calgary's watershed, affecting both water quantity and quality. We’re focused on improving water management practices, land use planning and storage capacity to strengthen resiliency to a changing climate. We must ensure a sustainable drinking water supply for the future. We seek to enable smart, sustainable development while minimizing the cost and impact of growth.
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