24 Street SE Stormwater Pond and Ogden Landfill Remediation

What to expect in Spring 2023

Some construction activities are anticipated this spring, including improvements to the access ramps to the pond bottom, repair of asphalt cracks, as well as cleaning out of the oil grit separator and other minor activities. This work will be completed in late May and/or the month of June.

What to expect beyond Spring 2023

Ongoing maintenance of the site will be executed by the contractor through the maintenance period, which extends until 2024. 

Over the life of the pond, anticipated ongoing maintenance activities include watering the trees and shrubs, mowing the grass, weed control, and sediment removal.

Thank you to all residents for your patience and understanding as we continue to work to improve our stormwater system and build part of the future LRT corridor.

Looking west towards 24 St. SE – the new ‘dry’ storm pond and LRT embankment.

Project Background

In 2021, The City of Calgary completed construction of a new dry storm pond on the northwest end of the former Ogden  Landfill (along 24 St. SE). We have also completed the construction of an embankment adjacent to the storm pond  which will be part of the corridor for the future Green Line LRT . The majority of work took place from July to December 2020, with a pause in work from January to mid-April 2021.

What we did in Spring 2021: 

  • Our contractor, Morgan Construction & Environmental LTD., and their subcontractors, completed landscaping activities such as; adding topsoil and seed placement, planting shrubs and trees, and installing stone edging as well as, benches.
  • Commissioned the storm sewer system components;
  • Removed existing fence along 24th St and installed a new fence on the east side of the pond;
  • Paved access points to and around the pond.

The construction of this project is now considered to be complete and the site is open to the public as of July 1, 2021.

Project Map

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Previous Project Updates

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