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Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

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Property Tax

Property Tax bills are mailed in May and due June 30, 2023.

Payment options

Your 2023 Property Tax

Property tax is calculated and billed annually using the pr​operty's assessed value, as found on your property assessment notice, and the Council-approve​d property tax rate.

Do you have questions about your property taxes? Read our Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions.​

If you recently purchased a property

You may not receive your tax bill – but payment is still due.

There may be delays in processing ownership and mailing address changes with The Province of Alberta Land Titles Office. As a result, some new owners may not receive their 2023 annual property tax bills.  However, your 2023 property tax is still due June 30, 2023. Non-receipt of the property tax bill does not exempt owners from late payment penalties

  • The City sends property tax bills to the registered owner listed on the Certificate of Title. If you purchased a property earlier this year, the registration delays may result in the tax bill being sent to the previous owner of the property instead of you.
  • If you have not received your property tax bill by the first week of June, you must call 311 (403-268-2489 if outside of Calgary) to obtain an up-to-date statement of account.
  • You can either join TIPP or pay the balance in full by June 30, 2023, to avoid penalties.
  • The Province of Alberta Land Titles Office processes owner and address changes. The City is not responsible for these delays.

The Province of Alberta Land Titles Office shares their registration progress online at SPIN2 app (see “Currently Registering” in the top-right).