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Construction drawings for Public Infrastructure


The design and appr​oval of public infrastructure, such as utilities, roads, and other surface improvements, is managed through the construction drawing review process.

To submit construction drawings online, applicants must log onto The City of Calgary’s VISTA service​. For online submission requirements, see the Complete Application Requirement List (CARL). Please note that if the submission does not meet the minimum requirements defined in the CARL, the application will be rejected. This will affect initial and subsequent submissions of construction drawings.

Approvals are granted in two stages:

  • Underground construction: Deep utilities, including water, and sanitary or storm mains.
  • Surface construction: Surface improvements, including roadways, sidewalks, pathways, and surface drainage infrastructure.

Information about the approval requirements can be viewed in the CARL​.

Tools for applicants

Procedure for pre-application and post-application meetings

Applicants may reach out to the area development engineer to request a pre-application or post-application meeting to facilitate approvals. This is the procedure for booking these meetings:

  1. Applicant will contact the area Development Engineering Representative to set up a meeting.
  2. Applicant will provide a brief summary of the issues to discuss and identify stakeholders required at the meeting.
  3. The Development Engineering Representative will organize a meeting with the affected stakeholders.
  4. Applicant will provide an agenda in advance of the meeting.
  5. Applicant will take minutes and circulate to meeting attendees after the meeting.
  6. Applicant will update minutes based on feedback from attendees prior to finalizing minutes.

The applicant will submit the minutes from the meeting with any relevant construction drawings submissions.