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Flood Preparedness

Flooding can happen at any time in Calgary. The period between May 15 and July 15 is when we are most likely to experience flooding since historically this is when we receive our largest rainfalls.

Assessing your risk and preparing for flood season

To determine if you live in a community that may be impacted by river flooding, please review our flood maps, as well as our river flows, triggers and effects information.

What to do during a Flood

The City of Calgary’s priority when responding to flooding is public safety, and ensuring the sustainability of the city through protection of critical infrastructure, vital community services, the environment and the economy.

If Calgary is experiencing a flood event, it’s the responsibility of every citizen to stay informed. Some ways to do this are:

  • Visit Alberta Environment’s river basin website and download the river monitoring app by searching for "Alberta Rivers" on your device to stay apprised of river flow conditions.
  • Listen for and sign up for Alberta Emergency Alerts (AEA). Alberta Emergency Alerts interrupt local broadcasting. As well, you can download the AEA app to a smart device to receive notifications.
  • Listen for an ‘Alert Ready’ emergency alert on your cellphone.
  • Listen to the radio to find out what areas are affected, what roads are safe, where to go and what to do if the local emergency team asks you to leave your home.

Flooding and Evacuation

If you need to evacuate, it is critical that you vacate your home when you are advised to do so by local emergency authorities. Ignoring such a warning puts you, your family and the city’s first responders in danger.

Some things to remember during an evacuation:

  • Take your 72-hour emergency kit with you.
  • Follow the routes provided by officials. Don't take shortcuts. They could lead you to a blocked or dangerous area.
  • Make arrangements for pets.

Time permitting, leave a note informing others when you left and where you went. If you have a mailbox, leave the note there.

The City of Calgary’s priority when planning for and responding to flooding is to protect its citizens, critical infrastructure, civic property, the environment and the economy.

The City strives to maintain all critical business functions and services to Calgarians during any emergency or disaster including flooding.

The City does not typically protect individual private properties from flood risk. Property owners remain responsible for protecting their property.

Looking for more information about what to do during a flood?

The City’s Flood Readiness Guide is an excellent resource that covers not only what you need to think of during a flood, but also how to prepare in advance of a flood, and things you’ll need to think about when returning home after a flood.

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