Calgary Fire Department

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Firefighters in front of fire

Our Mission: to serve the community through excellence in fire prevention, education, protection and safety.

Our Vision: to be an international fire service leader.

Our Values of pride, professionalism, teamwork and respect guide our actions and guide how we work with the communities we serve.

The Calgary Fire Department is dedicated to the safety of Calgarians. Four platoons of firefighters located in 43 fire stations across Calgary provide a range of emergency and non-emergency services. Emergency services include response to fires, emergency medical incidents, chemical and hazardous materials releases and motor vehicle collisions. In addition, we provide specialized rescue services in high or collapsed structures, confined spaces, on our waterways or in situations caused by weather events.

Our Calgary Fire Incident Map shows the types and number of incidents we attend in each area of the city.

Demonstrating excellence

The Calgary Fire Department is an accredited agency with the Commission of Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). Accreditation is about striving for excellence, and ensures we continue to improve our service to Calgarians.

We are one of only seven Canadian fire services who have received this designation. Of more than 33,000 fire agencies across North America, only 201 have achieved this status.

To learn more about the policies and strategies that guide us, download the documents below.

Fire stations and facilities

Where is my local fire station?

Learn where your local fire station is and about how you can take a tour.

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Fire safety and prevention

Prepare in case of fire

The Calgary Fire Department wants you to be ready in case of a fire.

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Fire codes, permits and inspections

What are fire codes and permits?

Learn how our investigations team can assist with fire permit approvals, occupancy levels and compliance inspections to ensure fire code requirements are met.

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Do you want to be a firefighter?

Firefighting can be a challenging, exciting, and fulfilling career. Applying to the Calgary Fire Department is competitive and has multiple steps.

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What programs do we offer?

We offer a variety of programs for all ages to increase knowledge about fire safety.

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Fire bans and advisories

What is a fire ban or advisory?

Fire safety advisories and bans are put in place to notify the public about conditions which present a fire risk.

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