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Water construction, upgrades and repairs

Below you will find more information about our construction projects including water main and pipe repairs, as well as new projects and upgrades to improve Calgary's water and wastewater syst​​ems.

For more information about the types of projects we do and the notices we send, visit Water Construction Inquiries.

For a list of road closures, visit the Road Construction Projects page.

Repairs and Maintenance

We operate and maintain the water and wastewater collection and distribution systems in Calgary.

We provide repairs and maintenance for more than 16,000 km of underground pipes for water, sanitary sewer and stormwater.

Infrastructure Upgrades

We upgrade Calgary's water infr​astructure to help expand its capacity and ensure it can meet the demands of a growing City. We use the latest technology and knowledge to conserve and protect our water resources.

Flood Recovery Projects

We have identified over 200 flood-related projects requiring repairs or restoration.

To learn more, visit our Flood Projects page.

Stormwater Quality Retrofit Program

The Stormwater Quality Retrofit Program is adding more wet ponds to long-established areas of the city. Wet ponds protect the quality of water in our rivers by slowing the water down and allowing sediment to settle out. Plants in the wet ponds help remove pollutants.