Aqua fitness classes

Our aqua fitness and conditioning swim classes improve your range of motion, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Aqua fitness is easy on the joints and an excellent way to keep fit.

Benefits of aqua fitness

Aqua fitness is an excellent way to recover, rejuvenate and socialize.The properties of water protect your joints, work muscles and strengthen the heart. It can benefit every age and fitness level. 

Improve your range of motion, strength, and cardio endurance. Increase your circulation, joint health and help manage your pain. 

Conditioning swim courses offer improved fitness and swim times.

2024 spring & summer registration dates

Registration for spring & summer programs, classes and day camps is open.

Upcoming facility closures

Programs, classes and swimming lessons will not be offered at the following facilities while they undergo repairs:

  • Bob Bahan Aquatic & Fitness Centre: closed this spring and summer.
  • Canyon Meadows Aquatic & Fitness Centre: closed this summer.
  • Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre: closed this summer.

Types of aqua fitness classes

You can register online, in person at our Recreation facilities, or by calling

About our fitness instructors

Our aqua fitness instructors are certified and trained in how to use the properties of the water to improve fitness and wellness.

Our conditioning swim instructors are NCCP certified and many were competitive swimmers.

What are classes like?

Our classes offer safe, fun, and effective workouts for a variety of ages and abilities. You can expect to be supported and challenged by our passionate instructors. 

Most classes range from forty-five minutes to one hour. Each session begins with a warm-up, which may vary between five to fifteen minutes depending on the temperature of the pool, length, and style of class. A cardio portion follows the warm-up and ranges between fifteen to forty-five minutes.

Many classes also include strength exercises that may involve optional use of aqua dumbbells, noodles and other equipment. Classes finish with a warm-down and range-of-motion portion to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Conditioning Swim classes will have a warm-up set, a set that includes a variety of swim drills and some stroke improvement tips followed by a cool down set.

Come prepared

Please bring:

  • A water bottle
  • For conditioning swim bring goggles - swim cap is optional
  • Towel and personal hygiene products

All equipment is provided, however you may bring your own deep water belt (for DWW classes) or handle paddles (for conditioning swim) if you wish. 

More fitness classes

Learn how to set up an account, register for programs and find information on cancellations in the help section of Live and Play.