Southwest Ring Road connection projects

About the Southwest Ring Road connection projects

The City is responsible for the design and construction of the projects connecting Calgary's road network to the ring road because they are located within city limits. These City-led projects were completed and opened to traffic as part of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road Phase 1 opening in Oct. 2020.

These projects include:

Glenmore Trail widening and interchange upgrade

Location: Glenmore Trail; Glenmore Trail-Crowchild Trail interchange; Crowchild Trail


  • Widening of Glenmore Trail from four to six lanes between 37 Street and Crowchild Trail as well as rebuilding this section of road
  • Modifying the interchange for short-term improvements to help accommodate SWRR opening day traffic volumes
  • Constructing a new pedestrian bridge over Crowchild Trail at 54 Avenue S.W. The new bridge improves safety and accessibility of people who use it, and improves the link for pedestrians and cyclists between the communities of North Glenmore Park and Garrison Green.
  • Pedestrian crossing improvements along 54 Avenue
  • Improved traffic signal coordination on Crowchild Trail
  • Landscaping on Layzell Road S.W. along the noise barrier. Noise barrier changes to accommodate widening of Crowchild Trail.

Construction timeline: summer 2018 – summer 2020

Project update: Construction activities in 2020 include top lift paving and landscaping.

Anderson Road widening

Location: Anderson Road SW


  • Widening of Anderson Road from four to six lanes between the SWRR and Elbow Drive SW
  • Adding extra turning lanes at all the intersections on Anderson Road between the SWRR and Elbow Drive to help improve traffic flow
  • Construction of several noise barriers along Anderson Road

Construction timeline: 2017 – Spring 2020

90 Avenue and Southland Drive connections

Location: 90 Avenue SW; Southland Drive


  • Connecting 90 Avenue SW and Southland Drive directly to the SWRR
  • Widening Southland Drive from two to four lanes between Oakmoor Way and Oakfield Drive SW to match the rest of the roadway
  • Creating pathway connections under 90 Avenue SW and Southland Drive, creating a safe and uninterrupted pathway (through well lit underpasses ) between communities, the current off-leash dog park, as well as South Glenmore and Fish Creek parks
  • Installing traffic signals and a pedestrian crossing at the Southland Drive and Oakfield Drive SW intersection
  • Installation of noise barriers along Southland Drive between Oakfield Drive and Oakmoor Way

Construction timeline: 2018 – Fall 2019

Spruce Meadows Way widening

Location: Spruce Meadows Way SW


  • Upgrading Spruce Meadows Way from a two-lane rural road to a four-lane arterial roadway between the SWRR and 194 Avenue SW, improving access for the community of Silverado, as well as area businesses and future developments
  • Improved street lighting
  • Relocation of Enmax power lines

Construction timeline: Spring 2017 – Summer 2018

162 Avenue connection

Location: 162 Avenue SW


  • Connecting 162 Avenue SW directly to the SWRR
  • Provide an additional option for citizens travelling to and from the area
  • Provide enough space for a bus lane between the future Providence development and the South LRT stations

Construction timeline: Spring 2017 – Summer 2018

Traffic alerts: Access from westbound 162 Avenue to Bridlecrest Boulevard SW will remain open until the SWRR is completed. Once the SWRR is open to traffic, the left turn from 162 Avenue to Bridlecrest Boulevard will be permanently closed. After the SWRR opens and traffic settles into its new pattern, The City will monitor the 162 Avenue and Bridleridge Way intersection, in case further modifications are needed.

Westhills Way

Location: Westhills Way SW


  • Connecting Westhills Way directly to the SWRR
  • Adds an access to the Westhills and Signal Hill shopping district for people visiting the area
  • Helps redistribute traffic in and out of the area
  • Includes regional pathways on both sides, connecting to the Richmond Road pathway
  • Maintains the existing earth berm on the west side

Construction timeline: 2016

Please note that any information regarding the Southwest and West Calgary Ring Road shown on this webpage are for illustration purposes only. For the most up to date material, go to the Alberta Transportation website.

About the Calgary Ring Road

Calgary's Ring Road is located within The Province's Transportation Utility Corridor and is operated and maintained by the Government of Alberta through Alberta Transportation. The northwest, northeast, and southeast sections of the Ring Road (Stoney Trail) are completed and in use. Construction on the west sections are currently underway.

The West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR), between Highway 8 and the Trans-Canada Highway, contains the final nine kilometres of the Calgary Ring Road. The WCRR project will be completed in three parts – the north project, south project, and twinning of the bridge over the Bow River. For more information on this project, visit the West Calgary Ring Road home page.

When the Calgary Ring Road is complete, it will provide 101 kilometers of free-flow travel around Calgary and contribute to safe and easy movement of goods and people in and around the city.

Project timelines

  • First ring road integration project began: 2016
  • Completion of Southwest Ring Road by Provincial Government: Oct 2021

SW Ring Road connections

Watch this video to see how The City has worked on these projects that will connect with the Southwest Calgary Ring Road.

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