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Property tax calculator


Property taxes are collected by municipalities and the value of your property, as of July 1 last year, is an important factor.

To estimate your taxes based on your 2020 assessed value:

  1. select your assessment class from the list
  2. enter your 2020 assessed value
  3. click calculate
  4. click Show all for the breakdown

If your assessment class is not listed, please contact us at 403-268-2888.

Percentages must add up to 100%.

Percentages must add up to 100%.

Tax Value
Municipal Taxes Prior to Council Budget Decision  
1.5% Council Budget Decision (estimate)  
1.5% Rebate (estimate)
A 1.5% reduction on tax rate increases as approved by Council.
$13 million "Provincial Budget Flow-Through" (estimate)
The flow-through of the reductions in fine revenue, biological testing and cannabis tax revenues as a result of the October 2019 provincial budget, increasing property taxes by a total of $13 million.
Revenue Shift from Non-Residential to Residential Properties (estimate)
Shift of tax responsibility from the current share of 49% residential and 51% non-residential, to 52% residential and 48% non-residential.
Total Municipal taxes (estimate)  
Provincial Taxes Prior to Provincial Budget Decision  
Provincial Catch-Up
The difference between the Provincial taxes billed in 2019 May and the 2019 Official Provincial Requisition released on 2019 October 24.
Total Provincial Taxes Excluding Provincial Budget Decision (estimate)  
Total taxes (estimate)  

This calculator is for information purposes only. The calculation does not include any penalties, local improvement levies, or outstanding taxes owed from previous years.

The municipal tax estimates are based on Council’s budgetary decisions from November 2019. The actual taxes owing for any property will be based on the 2020 Property Tax Bylaw which will be approved by Council in the spring of 2020. Final tax bills are mailed in May and will be due at the end of June for property owners.

The 2020 Provincial Property Taxes is an estimate based on information received from the Province on November 2, 2019. Final provincial property taxes will be calculated based on 2020 Official Provincial Requisition as released with the Provincial Budget.


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Property tax calculator


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Get a tax breakdown,




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Where do my taxes go?

​See where your property tax dollars are being spent using the property tax breakdown tool.

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How is my property assessed?

​Assessment includes things like the size of your house, any renovations, the year it was built, the neighbourhood you live in and other variables.

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How are tax rates and tax bills calculated?

Assessments redistribute property taxes within cities by measuring how individual property rates have changed relative to the average. See the formulas used to determine tax rates and tax bills.