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City of Calgary services

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The City provides a wide range of services, from the Aquatics and Fitness Calgarians enjoy, to essential services like Water Treatment & Supply and Public Transit. Explore the services The City provides below.​​

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Title: Affordable Housing

Description: <div class="ExternalClassB522208F49F9421EB8CF254E2BAFA6C5"><p>Safe and affordable homes for lower-income Calgarians​</p></div>


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Fire Safety Education

​Providing fire and life safety education and prevention to you, to create safer living in Calgary

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Land Development and Sales

​Development and sales of City-owned land

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Library Services

​Loaning books and other materials, while supporting learning, discussion, and community programs. A Calgary Civic Partner

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Municipal Elections

​Empowering you to cast a ballot for municipal candidates through a fair, transparent and balanced process

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Neighbourhood Support

Fostering social inclusion, participation and a sense of belonging

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​Provides on- and off-street public parking and enforcement of Calgary's parking policies and bylaws 

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Parks & Open Spaces

​Caring for Calgary's green spaces to ensure a green future for our city, and make your life better, every day

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Pet Ownership and Licensing

Regulating and ensuring pet ownership while providing many animal-related service

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Police Services

Crime prevention and education, law enforcement and criminal investigations to make Calgary a safer place to live