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Property Tax Breakdown

Do you want to know how your property tax dollars are being spent? Enter your property taxes below and get a breakdown for how ​they were used.

You can find your annual property tax on your property bill (mailed out at the end of May) shown as the "Current Taxes" line.​​​​ You can also get an estimate for your property taxes using our property tax calculator​.

About this tool

Breakdown amounts are based on the percentage of overall municipal spending for services in the 2019-2022 budget. The provincial education tax is an estimate. The final provincial amount will be known when the provincial budget is released in the spring.

The tax breakdown is not an official tax bill. Please contact Property Tax for a copy of your bill. Calculations are approximate.​​​

Provincial property taxes

The funds collected through property tax are generally split between the province and The City. In 2019, 63 per cent of the residential property tax paid by homeowners is estimated to remain in Calgary to pay for municipal services and 37 per cent will go to the Province to meet the provincial education property tax requisition.​​