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City of Calgary services

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The City provides a wide range of services, from the Aquatics and Fitness Calgarians enjoy, to essential services like Water Treatment & Supply and Public Transit. Explore the services The City provides below.​​

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Title: Affordable Housing

Description: <div class="ExternalClassB522208F49F9421EB8CF254E2BAFA6C5"><p>Safe and affordable homes for lower-income Calgarians​</p></div>


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Affordable Housing

Safe and affordable homes for lower-income Calgarians​

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Appeals and Tribunals

An impartial way to challenge City assessment, development, subdivision & more ​

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Arts & Culture

​Creating vibrant, unique and community based public art and cultural opportunities to enhance and engage you

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Building Safety

Reviews and issues building permits, inspects projects under construction, and deals with site safety concerns  

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Business Licensing

​Grants licenses and inspects business operations to ensure public safety and regulatory compliance

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Bylaw Education and Compliance

​Maintains standards in your community for safe, healthy and harmonious neighbourhoods

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Calgary 9-1-1

​Connects you with emergency services from your phone 

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Citizen Engagement & Insights

Safe, fair & accessible feedback & participation in our government

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Citizen Information & Services

Public information & City service delivery support