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City of Calgary services

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The City provides a wide range of services, from the Aquatics and Fitness Calgarians enjoy, to essential services like Water Treatment & Supply and Public Transit. Explore the services The City provides below.​​

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Title: Affordable Housing

Description: <div class="ExternalClassB522208F49F9421EB8CF254E2BAFA6C5"><p>Safe and affordable homes for lower-income Calgarians​</p></div>


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City Cemeteries

​Burial options and perpetual care services. Mandated by the provincial Cemeteries Act

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City Planning and Policy

​Give land-use policies, guidelines and plans to inform and guide the development of Calgary from homes and businesses to communities and industry

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Community Strategies

​Planning and policies that support all Calgarians' social wellbeing

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Development Approvals

​Reviews and approves all land development proposals to align with regulations, legislation, bylaws, and community fit

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Economic Development and Tourism

​Supporting a vibrant, diverse and resilient economy, building Calgary's global reputation and encouraging entrepreneurs. A Calgary Civic Partner

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Emergency Management and Business Continuity

​Handles preparation of and response to major emergencies, disasters, and City business disruptions 

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Environmental Management

Addresses environmental issues, risks, opportunities, and trends related to delivery of your services

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Fire & Emergency Response

​Responds to and addresses fires, medical emergencies, car accidents, hazardous spills and specialized rescues 

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Fire Inspection & Enforcement

Enhancing your safety by ensuring compliance to fire codes, minimizing fire risks and protecting lives, property and the environment