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Council Accountability

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City Council is the governing body of The City of Calgary. The proper operation of democratic municipal government requires that elected officials be independent, impartial and responsible to the public.

The role and responsibilities of a Councillor are set out within the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Additionally, in order to promote transparency and accountability, Council has established polices that guide Councillor conduct and that require them to regularly disclose expenses, visitor listings and gifts.

Ward expenses

Councillor disclosure statements

Councillor gifts received

Visitor listing by ward

Information regarding the issuance of donation receipts

There have been recent reports regarding the efforts of a committee working to secure donations to The City of Calgary in an amount equivalent to the external legal fees and disbursements paid by The City as a result of a lawsuit involving Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

The City wishes to provide additional information in regard to this matter.

Council amended its Indemnification of Members of City Council Policy CC010 on March 14, 2016. As a result, Mayor Nenshi was required to donate an amount to The City equivalent to these fees and disbursements and/or to solicit donations to The City in this amount.

As has been reported, a committee has been seeking to secure these donations.

As a registered municipality, The City is entitled to receive donations and issue official donation receipts. All donations are being deposited into The City's general revenue account.

The City of Calgary will not be commenting on this further at this time.

Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Bylaw

The Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Bylaw 26M2018 establishes and promotes ethical conduct standards for Members of Council including their responsibility to the public to be accountable for the management of their annual ward office budgets, and transparent in reporting how their budgets are spent.

Duties, pay and benefits

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) outlines the role of a Councillor and how Council can make decisions through bylaws or resolutions.

Duties, pay and benefits for Councillors.

Pension plans

Pensions for elected officials at the City of Calgary, which include the Mayor and City Councillors, are governed by two plan documents: the Elected Officials Pension Plan ("EOPP") and the Supplementary Pension Plan for Elected Officials of the City of Calgary ("EOSP").

Elected officials are given the EOPP & EOSP Members' Handbook, which summarizes the EOPP and EOSP plans. A glossary is provided at the end of each handbook as a reference.

The Elected Officials' Pension Plan handbook was updated due to changes agreed upon by Council on January 23, 2012. For a precise interpretation of each plan, the offical EOPP and EOSP plan documents should be referenced.

The EOPP is registered under the Alberta Employment Pension Plan Act and the Income Tax Act. EOPP members are required to make contributions to the plan. The City of Calgary is responsible for the balance of the funding requirements.

The design of the EOPP and ESOP is commonly referred to as a defined benefit pension plan.


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